Reasons why you should try Vagigym

Pelvic floor problems are very common, affecting one in three women and up to 80% of pregnant women and new moms. The solution? Pelvic floor training.


If you’re looking for a little help for your pelvic floor, don’t worry: we have the solution.

Ah, you don’t know what the pelvic floor is? Don’t worry either!

Make yourself comfortable and keep reading, we are going to explain it to you.

What are the pelvic floor muscles?

Surely you have heard of pelvic floor exercises, also called Kegel exercises (in honor of the doctor who first discovered how to exercise these muscles).

Although they are a little hidden, these muscles are much more important than you think.

They work like a kind of hammock and support many of our internal organs. In addition, they control the bladder and bowel movements. But let’s not forget their most fun function: they are closely linked to sexuality and facilitate orgasms!

In 1948, Arnold Kegel was the first to teach his patients how to strengthen the pelvic floor. What he did was use a compression method that was based on stopping the urine in mid-flow.

It was easy to locate the muscles involved with this exercise, but it was not good for the bladder nor could it be done frequently.

How does VagiGym work?

On the outside it has an ergonomic shape and is covered with medical grade silicone. The VagiGym points and shoots exactly where you need it most. The exerciser automatically adjusts the level of exercises based on the force your muscles are exerting.

With completely personalized information, VagiGym creates an exercise routine program that adapts to your progress and sends more intense vibrations as your muscles become stronger.

It’s very easy to use and you only need (literally) 5 minutes a day.

Am I not too young to start Kegel exercises?

It is normal for you to think that these types of exercises are only for women who have been mothers or who are already in the menopause stage.

And it is true that pelvic floor exercises are especially good for these two groups of women, since they need to strengthen these muscles.

But for other women they are just as good!

Of course, for some women, exercising the pelvic floor is essential. If you’re one of the 50% of women who leak urine when they laugh or cough, or if you think you have a weak pelvic floor, you should give Kegel exercises a try. In addition, it will help you achieve more and better orgasms. The sexual benefits of a strong pelvic floor are more than enough reason to try them. Don’t you think?

You are never too young to have a healthy and strong pelvic floor.

Join our pelvic floor strengthening workshop with VagiGym, registration includes the device.


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