What should I know before having surgery?

Entering an operating room is possibly a unique experience and in cosmetic surgery the fact that we enter because we want to. It is an elective surgery.

By Lefny Díaz

Patient safety is a primary and extremely important issue in all medical practice. The term was coined by the World Health Organization, which also developed checklists to minimize human error. But patient safety is everyone’s business, not just the surgeon and the medical team. So it is also the responsibility of who is reading me. The information that is given to the surgeon is vital. If you ask me, why did you have surgery? It is not to satisfy the curiosity of the doctor or to gossip. It is because that determines if previous anesthesia has been received, if there were complications or it can determine that the operation is more complex (for example, having a facelift and concealing that it has already been performed).

Very important information to be provided to the surgeon.

• Medication taken (must be noted): name, dose and frequency.
• If they take contraceptives.
• If supplements are taken (garlic, vitamin E, omega 3 and 6).
• If they are on anticoagulant treatment.
• Diseases that they have suffered or suffer from: hypertension, diabetes, lung diseases, COVID.
• Previous pregnancies.
• Previous surgeries (all), including caesarean sections.
• Were there problems in any of them?
• Previous aesthetic treatments (fillers, threads, botox) especially in case of facial cosmetic surgery.
• Any major illness in the family, especially a first-degree relationship? Allergies, foods and medications.
• Toxic habits: tobacco, drugs, alcohol.

What should I ask the surgeon if I have surgery?

• Contact: in case of doubts or emergencies, what is the contact telephone number.
• Where is the operation. Preparation for surgery: Can I continue my medication?.
• Do I have to leave any before?.
• Do I have to take supplements?.
• Did I stop taking contraceptives?.
• Can I drink alcohol?.
• Can I smoke?.
• What tests should I take? Before the surgery.
• How long do I have to fast?.
• When do I take a shower?.
• Do I have to shave or wax before surgery?.

The day of the Surgery:
• What time do I have to enter?.
• What do I have to bring to the hospital?.
• Postoperative: will I have pain?.
• What medication will I have to take?.
• When can I get up?.
• Will I be able to walk?.
• Do I have to be in bed?.
• Can someone stay with me?.

A short pencil is more useful than a long memory write everything down. Nothing happens to point it out. Nerves make us forget half the questions when we are in front of the professional.



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