Beauty without surgery. "A beautiful body promises a beautiful soul", declared Socrates. Without going to the extreme of the Greek philosopher, we can assure you that health is a state of physical and mental well-being. If we are comfortable with our appearance, we feel good about ourselves. This is aesthetic health: taking care of your external image helps to improve your inner balance.


There are different regenerative treatments that stimulate cell renewal and help fight the different signs of aging. Traditionally, when we talked about rejuvenation, we all thought about eliminating wrinkles. But today, when people feel young beyond 40 and 50, talking about rejuvenation means talking about a more global concept that also includes body and facial contouring. There are different techniques that make it possible to restore turgor and youth not only to the skin of our skin, but to that of our entire body.


Botox is the name by which purified botulinum toxin type A is known. This toxin is used to temporarily relax the facial muscles, eliminating or reducing expression lines. Although the most common areas where the Botox technique is applied are the forehead and the eye contour, it is also used to treat excess sweating in the hands, feet or armpits. It is also used in other fields of medicine such as facial paralysis and strabismus, among others.


Facial fillers are made with absorbable materials. It must be carried out by a specialized doctor and consists of injecting with a very small needle, an implant material in the groove of the wrinkle, in this way it takes on a volume and becomes diffuse. Normally, local or topical anesthesia will be necessary, depending on the area and the patient.

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