myths about tummy tuck

She is still a great unknown among her possible patients, so we are going to tell you the 10 myths about abdominoplasty.


Although abdominoplasty is one of the most demanded body surgeries in our country, it is still a great unknown among potential patients, so we are going to tell you the 10 myths about abdominoplasty.

Eclipsed by liposuction and other more avant-garde techniques such as lipovaser, this treatment for the reduction and elimination of abdominal fat has been gaining followers within the world of beauty and aesthetics. Something that is not surprising, since its results, totally definitive, are capable of impressing anyone who is looking for a body change.

And so that you too can learn more about this cosmetic and repaired surgery, today we have met with the medical team so that they can resolve all the doubts about this abdominal remodeling treatment.

Abdominal surgery is a surgical procedure where fat and skin accumulated in this area of ​​the body are removed. Unlike other cosmetic surgeries, abdominoplasty not only removes those fatty tissues that are difficult to expel with diet or physical exercise, but it also helps to repair the abdominal muscles that have been deformed and weakened during all these years.

1 . Get rid of fat from the abdomen and sagging skin

Of course. One of the great benefits of tummy tuck surgery is its high capacity to permanently eliminate fat and flaccidity from this part of the body. So that we understand each other, abdominoplasty is one of the few body treatments capable of achieving that much desired flat stomach effect. It is usually recommended in those patients who have large accumulations of fat in the lower abdomen area. Being impossible to perform only liposuction to completely remove these tissues adhered to the skin.

2 . Abdominoplasty is a treatment to combat excess weight

Completely false. Contrary to what it may seem and what many patients think at first, abdominoplasty is not a technique to combat overweight and obesity. It is simply an alternative to eliminate fatty accumulations that have been located in the abdominal area and that cannot be eliminated through diets. People who need to improve their health and put an end to this weight gain, should consider options such as stomach reduction.

3 . It is common to lose your belly button

Fake. Although it is true that both the shape and the skin that surround the navel will be new and will have a different aesthetic, this element of the abdomen will always be preserved when this surgery is performed.

4 . During the post-operative period, it is necessary to use a compression girdle

Totally true. In both liposuction and abdominoplasty, the use of a compression girdle is necessary for at least one month after the intervention. In addition to reducing the patient’s recovery times, this type of girdle prevents inflammation in the area and helps retract the skin to its new state.

5 .  This tummy tuck cannot be performed after a cesarean section

A true myth. Abdominoplasty is totally suitable in those patients who have previously undergone a cesarean section. And not only that, this surgery is usually very common to regain the figure after pregnancy. However, it is necessary to wait 8-10 months after giving birth to begin to consider the possibility of performing this surgical intervention.

6 . Se requiere hospitalización

Sí. Esta cirugía corporal se lleva a cabo mediante anestesia general, por lo que nuestros expertos médicos siempre aconsejan que el paciente pase las primeras 24 horas en observación junto a nosotros. Así, se podrán realizar las primeras curas y el paciente podrá comenzar su proceso de recuperación en buenas manos.

7 . There are other aesthetic treatments that eliminate abdominal fat

Not in full. If it is true that there are other plastic surgeries that allow the elimination of body fat, but they are not as specialized in the abdomen as this procedure. Therefore, if our goal is to remove fatty accumulations from the abdomen and improve sagging skin, abdominoplasty is the most appropriate treatment. The results are totally definitive, so you never have to worry about this excess skin and fat again.

8 . With the extracted fat, a buttock augmentation can be performed

Fake. The only body surgery that allows a fat transfer from one area of ​​the body to another is liposuction. Even so, abdominoplasty is usually performed in conjunction with other types of treatments such as lipovaser.

9 . The results are much more visible after the first month of recovery

Of course. After the first 24 hours, the patient will be able to observe how his body improves and adjusts completely. However, it is necessary to wait at least that first month of recovery to be able to observe final results.

For this, it is not only required to use the compression girdle, but to follow the medical guidelines recommended by the surgeon.

10 . It is possible to remove stretch marks from the abdomen

Really if. Although the main objective of abdominoplasty is not the elimination of stretch marks, cellulite or orange peel, it is true that when removing the fatty clumps and completely stretching the skin in the area, these imperfections hide or seem practically invisible.

As you can see, behind tummy tuck are a large number of truths and lies. If you also want to solve your doubts about this body treatment, request a free assessment appointment with us and we will be happy to help you.



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