Liposuction or Abdominoplasty

The aesthetics of the abdomen is an issue that worries both men and women alike because it is perhaps an area of ​​the body that, despite diets and exercise, often fails to achieve the desired results. A smooth abdomen stylizes our silhouette giving us a healthy and harmonious appearance.


Abdominal plastic surgery, known as abdominoplasty, is a treatment designed to strengthen the belly. It is a complete reshaping of the abdomen in which excess fat and excess skin is removed, and the muscle wall is firmed.

How do you get it? Making small incisions strategically distributed in the lower area of ​​the belly, through which excess fat is extracted. Next, the muscles are tightened and the excess skin is removed, and everything is sutured, avoiding leaving visible scars. The result you get is a flat and toned stomach without marks or sagging.

Liposuction, for its part, is a procedure focused on eliminating clumps of localized fat in different areas of the body. It is carried out by introducing fine cannulas through micro-incisions in the area to be treated. These tubes are connected to a vacuum machine that absorbs unwanted fat while respecting the rest of the surrounding tissues. Once the process is finished, the small incisions are sutured without leaving visible scars.

As we have seen, although both operations share the elimination of fat, they pursue different objectives. Abdominoplasty is a comprehensive procedure aimed at reshaping the belly, including excess fat, excess skin folds, and abdominal muscles. Liposuction applied to the abdomen, for its part, allows us to extract greater amounts of fat, but does not cover the rest of the elements.

It can be said, then, that liposuction is a more general treatment capable of shaping the figure by reducing fat; while abdominoplasty is a much more specific technique aimed at perfecting the belly. In both cases, yes, it is not a method to lose weight. By extracting fat, kilos are reduced, yes, but they are not slimming treatments. They are ways to combat localized fat resistant to diet and exercise. If what we need is to lose weight, there are other suitable methods for this that can be complemented, once successfully completed, with liposuction or a tummy tuck.


“Both liposuction and abdominoplasty are two of the most common cosmetic surgeries to carry out a body reshaping. It is true that both allow us to completely improve the environment and achieve that long-awaited figure, however there are great differences between them and it is the team specialized in cosmetic surgery who must indicate which is the most successful for each patient.”

What technique do I choose?
The answer is simple, although with nuances: for the one that best suits your interests and objectives. If you need to remove larger amounts of fat, it is very likely that your best option is liposuction. If, on the other hand, you have smaller accumulations of fat and some flaccidity in the abdomen, surely the tummy tuck is better adapted to your needs. Likewise, it is also quite common to combine both techniques to maximize results: first, liposuction to remove fat, and then tummy tuck to rebuild the abdominal wall. In any case, it should be a specialist who studies your case and recommends the treatment that can best satisfy your wishes.

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