Avoid risks if you want to undergo surgery

“There are patients who after a rhinoplasty breathe worse or who after a chest operation have significant asymmetry”

By Lefny Díaz

Intrusion, the main reason for the ‘mediocre’ results.
Both the public administration and patient associations and medical societies denounce the great intrusion suffered by this aspect of surgery. This has to do with the fact that a doctor without sufficient curricular training performs surgical procedures typical of the plastic surgeon who has obtained his degree.  Many of the interventions that graduate plastic surgeons perform per year aim to correct previous interventions that were defective or of poor quality after being performed in inappropriate centers or by medical professionals who do not have this specialty.

Steps to take into account before undergoing surgery:

Advise you with people who work with doctors who have the degree of certified plastic surgeons. People who operate without the appropriate qualification take advantage of the fact that the patient is underinformed.

In my case, I can guarantee that all the professionals I work with have extensive experience and are certified and updated in their procedures.

Seek advice from at least two licensed plastic surgeons.

It is very positive and very convenient to ask for one or two medical opinions with qualified surgeons. This will allow us to assess what interests us the most. It is common for each surgeon to give a different opinion on the same intervention, since there are no strict techniques in Plastic Surgery. The training and experience aspect of each surgeon here is very important: each one does well with a technique based on each case, their ideas, their hands and their knowledge. Not for that he is wrong.

Talk to surgeons face-to-face and see what confidence they convey.

Let’s not forget that the doctor must convey confidence. And a plastic surgeon must be, above all, a good doctor. It is not about operating well, but also about understanding the patient.

Go to the Internet to check the opinions there are about the surgeon.

Knowing in whose hands we put ourselves is essential to avoid bad results, but you also have to know how to filter criticism, as there are difficult patients who become obsessed and also leave their comments.

Ask in what type of hospital the operation will be performed.

If we are talking about surgeries, we must make sure that the surgeon operates in a qualified hospital.

“And finally, if your doctor tells you that it is risky to have surgery, do not run looking for someone else who does. The risk of surgery is not determined by the doctor but by your personal condition.”

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