Back to normal after buttock augmentation Postoperative and Recovery.

Your buttocks will probably be more sensitive to direct stimulation two to three weeks after the augmentation, so avoid physical contact. Then they will progressively return to the normal state.

By Lefny Díaz

Buttock augmentation is one of the interventions that grows the most in demand year after year. Despite this, there are still patients who have doubts about what the weeks after the intervention will be like.

It can be done by implanting a silicone prosthesis or by lipofilling. Therefore, to understand the postoperative period we have to differentiate between patients who require gluteal prostheses from those who only require lipofilling.


Post-operative care after a buttock augmentation:

The care that you should follow after a buttock augmentation are the following:

• Absolute rest for the first 72 hours, with minimal movement.
• Mobility should gradually increase after this initial period. It is possible to walk, but little by little.
• You have to sleep and rest on your stomach or side for the first three weeks. It is advisable not to sit for a long time.
• Hygiene of wounds and genital hygiene should be done according to the prescribed indications.
• The medication and the times to take it dictated by the doctor must be respected.

• It is advisable not to do strength exercises or lift heavy objects for as long as we indicate.
• You must take care of your diet to promote recovery. Above all, you have to nourish yourself in a balanced way.
• Do not smoke during recovery as this slows down healing. It is also not advisable to drink alcohol.
• The prohibited drugs in these cases are anticoagulants, aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs.
• It is important that you attend all the reviews that we indicate.
• If you have problems, it is essential that you consult us. You have to let us know if you have a fever, redness appears on the buttocks or if you see that the bandage stains more than normal.

Normal symptoms after a buttock augmentation:

• After a gluteoplasty it is normal to present any of these symptoms:
• The sacrum and buttocks will present pain between two and three days after the intervention.
• In the first 48 hours you may have a higher temperature than normal, reaching up to 38º.
• Drainage tubes can be filled with blood or serum.
• Slight bleeding or discharge from the scar in the first 48 hours.
• Appearance of edema or swelling, leading to an increase in the volume of the buttocks. This will visibly decrease from the third month after the operation.




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