Be Healty, Be Sexy.
Creating Better Habits.

“Surgery is worth very little if it is not accompanied by healthy habits.”

By Lefny Díaz

Maintaining good habits before and after undergoing an intervention will be the key so that there are no complications and that the final results are what you are looking for.

Being overweight is not a good friend of plastic surgery, since an overweight patient has many risks in the operating room, regardless of the procedure, it is always advisable to make a nutrition plan in which the patient can obtain a favorable weight in order to perform the aesthetic procedure with less risk, giving you greater security and recovery without any complications.

A balanced diet is based on a harmony of energy and nutrients, which is combined with foods from all groups in fair amounts. It should be noted that each person has different needs, it all depends on their weight and the type of physical activity they perform.

According to the World Health Organization, about 2.7 million people die each year from a poor diet. Excess saturated fat, sugar and salt, as well as cooking fried foods and batters are habits that greatly affect health.

“Surgery is worth very little if it is not accompanied by healthy habits”

For this reason and thinking of you we have created the “Creating Better Habits” program where I, together with Dr. Yelena González, the life coach Claudia Peralta, will help and guide you to maintain that healthy lifestyle that we all desire.

As we know, we are currently experiencing an aggressive attack on our health with the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and other diseases that we have been suffering from, therefore it is important to strengthen our immune system, nourishing our body with a healthy diet.

The reason to maintain healthy eating habits after an aesthetic intervention seems very evident; If you don’t take care of what you eat, you can’t keep the results for long. It is useless to remove wrinkles, reduce the contour of some areas or improve the skin, if you relapse into bad habits.

Nutrients, vitamins, fiber, or antioxidants in healthy foods prolong the results and make them more noticeable. When the diet followed after the surgery is adequate, the results of the intervention last for a long time, indefinitely in many cases.

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