The postoperative breast lift is simple, although it is true that there are some patterns of behavior that must be respected to avoid complications and help a speedy recovery.

By Lefny Díaz

Mastopexy is a risk-free intervention, which is performed under general anesthesia and in which the patient can return home the day after the operation. It is at that moment when special care must be taken so that the sagging breasts operation has optimal results.

1.- Wear a non-wired bra day and night
After lifting the breasts it is very important that they remain subject, protected by a bra, for at least a month. Ideally, it should be a sports bra, totally free of underwire, that helps to immobilize the area.

2.- Be patient with swelling
As in any operation, after mastopexy it is normal for the treated area, in this case the breasts, to show inflammation and be more sensitive. It is not something to worry about, since those little annoyances will disappear in a matter of days.

3.- Rest and avoid bearing weight
Although recovery after breast lift is quick, the patient cannot forget that she has undergone surgery and that her body needs time to recover. Therefore, it is necessary to lead a very calm and relaxed life during the 4 or 5 days after the intervention. It is also recommended to avoid moving your arms, picking up weights or driving.

4.- Better to sleep on your back
The best thing to do at bedtime is to lie on your back, at least for the first few months. In this position, any pressure on the breasts and, therefore, damage is avoided. In addition to being the ideal position for recovery, it will also be the most comfortable.

“Following a postoperative breast lift treatment protocol is essential for a correct evolution of the surgery, as well as to achieve the most pleasant and early recovery possible. Lefny Díaz’s team always carries out an exhaustive follow-up of each patient to resolve all doubts about the surgery and the steps that must be followed both before and after it.”

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